Sunday, July 12, 2015


Taste and see that the Lord is good;
    blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
Psalm 34:8

I noticed my dog as I was climbing onto my exercise bike the other morning.  You see, we have a routine.  As soon as Pal jumps out of bed in the morning, he receives a few pets, then takes himself to the back door.  The door is opened, and he begins to survey the yard.  He'll patrol all day...bark at the walkers, run to see the other dogs passing by the gate, greet the postal carrier and UPS man with boisterous (and loud) exclamations. Later in the morning, his food bowl is filled and his water bowl refreshed.  The routine stays the same.  Each morning we move through that dance together.
   But this week I've been home.  The routine has changed.  After his morning stroll around the yard, I open the back door once more, and Pal spends the majority of his day in the house, with me.  One morning I noticed that as I lumbered onto the exercise bike, Pal was in the same room, toy in mouth, throwing his stuffed animal into the air and then wrestling with it on the floor.  One word came to mind - Joy.  You see, he knew he was in the house with the master.  There was no need to be on extreme alert.  He wasn't searching endlessly for his food bowl, anxious about the other dogs outside or begging me for a treat.  He knew who he was with.  He had his supplies for the day.  He chose to be content.
   Father, build up my contentment in You.  You are completely good.  You supply abundantly.  May I choose to leave the anxieties that fill my mind behind and instead, take my refuge in You.  You are my rest and in Your presence is fullness of joy.

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